Using Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

I’ve got quite sensitive skin on my face, and over the years, I’ve spent a small fortune on different cleansers and makeup removers. I’ve tried wipes, oils, creams and washes, with varying results. Some of them are incredibly messy and chore-like to use, some stung my eyes, dried out my skin, most were not environmentally friendly (plastic packaging, disposable wipes, requiring cotton pads as well) and some of them didn’t even remove all my make up. I found myself giving up on taking my makeup off at night, not wanting the hassle of it. Instead, I was sleeping in my makeup and washing it off in the shower the next morning, and I was doing this more and more often. This is really bad for your skin, and my face was showing it – I had red patches, dry patches, spots – I needed to do something about it.

I ordered some reusable wipes off the internet (I got mine from a company called Cheeky Wipes who also do reusable sanitary products – they’re well worth checking out. But you can get them off Amazon now and lots of other places) and I noticed they were championing using Coconut Oil to cleanse with. I got a small pot of their branded Coconut Oil with my wipes, so I gave it a go. I couldn’t believe how well it worked, and how easy it was to use. It was really gentle on my skin and lifted all my makeup off easily. It also left a very light, non greasy residue which soaked in to my skin over night and left my face feeling soft and smooth – so no need for night cream either. I was really impressed. But the little pots were really expensive.

So, the next time I was in my local supermarket I picked up a jar of organic, extra virgin, all natural Coconut Oil from the wholefoods section. I think it was about £4 or £5 for just under 300ml, MUCH cheaper than off the internet. I figured if it was no good, I’d just use it in cooking and reorder the special stuff off the internet instead, but for the price difference, it had to be worth a shot. Well ladies and gents, it worked a treat! A little bit goes a long way too – I’ve had that 283ml jar for over a year now and still have plenty left, even though I use it every night.

My skin is so soft, smooth and good now – I rarely get spots, dry patches or red patches. It lifts my makeup easily and quickly – no need to scrub, and it’s really gentle, I rub it right into my lashes to remove mascara.

Still don’t believe me? Watch the video below – I’m removing a full face of makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick) after a night out using just Coconut Oil, water and a couple of reusable makeup wipes. I took my time so you could clearly see what I was doing, usually the whole process is much quicker than this.

This is how I do it:

  • Rinse your face with hot water – not hot enough to burn you, obviously
  • Take a small amount of Coconut Oil in your hands and rub it into your face, across your lashes and neck
  • Run a reusable make up wipe or flannel under hot water and drain off the excess
  • Gently wipe your face, eyes and neck with the hot wipe – don’t forget under your eyes and lashes
  • If you’ve only got a light amount of makeup on you can continue using the same wipe. If you’re wearing a full face, grab a clean wipe
  • Run it under cold water and drain the excess
  • Gently wipe your face, eyes and neck again with the cold wipe
  • And you’re done. Pop the wipe in a netted wash bag and pop it in your washing machine to wash it for next time. I usually wait until the end of the week and wash 5 or 6 of them with my other washing.

I no longer use night cream, I find the Coconut Oil gives me all the moisture I need over night. In the morning, I rinse my face with cold water (as cold as I can get it out of my tap) to wake up my skin and stimulate the blood flow, then I use an anti-ageing serum and a light day cream from The Body Shop before applying my makeup. – That’s my entire skin care routine now, and honestly, my skin has never been better!

My friends were shocked when I told them I was using Coconut Oil to remove my makeup, they thought I was mad, but I’ve managed to convert a few of them now, and their husbands! It’s cheap, easy to use, gentle on your skin, and smells amazing. Try it, you might be converted too. Just make sure, the Coconut Oil you use is organic, extra virgin, all natural and contains no chemicals, or preservatives or anything that could harm your skin.

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