Very Welsh Rarebit

It's St. David's Day on the 1st March - the Patron Saint of Wales; and as I live on the Welsh boarder I thought I'd join in the celebrations with a Welsh recipe. St David, famously, was a strict vegetarian and only drank water - a lifestyle many of us are trying to adopt now; … Continue reading Very Welsh Rarebit

Veggie McMuffins

Ok, so this is not really a recipe, more of a gathering together of delicious things to create something that looks and tastes an awful lot like a McDonald's breakfast. But veggie! What a treat! You can see now why I've included it. I'm going to just come out and say it: I'm a fan … Continue reading Veggie McMuffins

Breakfast Kale

Curly Kale is a fantastic, underappreciated veg. It's similar to cabbage but with a subtler flavour and it's packed full of Iron and nutrients. It's pretty versatile too and can be eaten raw (see my Kale and Broccoli Coleslaw) or boiled and served with a Sunday roast like you would with cabbage. However, this recipe … Continue reading Breakfast Kale

Eggs In Hell

My husband's family quite often visit us on a Sunday and they usually arrive around 10 or 11am. We wont have had anything to eat before they arrive as we're either having a lie in or running round tidying up ready for them (usually the latter). So when they arrive, we're getting pretty hungry and … Continue reading Eggs In Hell