Leek Prep

Leeks are a great winter veg; they're tasty, versatile and cheep. Use them to bulk out stews and casseroles, to add flavour to soups and pies and they are great fried in butter and black pepper and served with a roast dinner. Part of the onion family, they're full of flavour and really easy to … Continue reading Leek Prep

How To – Homemade Hampers

I've made many hampers in my time, both professionally and personally; from fruit and veg hampers to huge Cadbury chocolate hampers and girl's night in hampers. I love them, they look exciting, are completely personal and they don't have to cost the earth. If you're making more than one hamper, look out for multi-buy offers … Continue reading How To – Homemade Hampers

How To Be A Healthy Pesky/Veggie/Vegan

My 6 Rules for a healthy, iron rich diet. A different sort of blog post today. Usually, when we decide to stop eating meat, it's a decision that's made with our hearts, not for health reasons. We don't research alternative vitamin and mineral sources or what our bodies need, we worry about craving bacon butties … Continue reading How To Be A Healthy Pesky/Veggie/Vegan