How To – Homemade Hampers

I’ve made many hampers in my time, both professionally and personally; from fruit and veg hampers to huge Cadbury chocolate hampers and girl’s night in hampers. I love them, they look exciting, are completely personal and they don’t have to cost the earth. If you’re making more than one hamper, look out for multi-buy offers and consider buying multi-packs of items and splitting them between gifts. Don’t forget to look in the reduced sections of supermarkets too; I once bought a multi-pack of scented candles for less than half price because one of them was broken. When I got home I just disposed of the broken one, cleaned up the others and added them to the gifts I was putting together that year.

The best hampers, in my opinion, have a clear theme. You don’t want to be putting random things together or it will look like no thought has gone into it. Think about the perfect moment/evening for that person and what it would include. Here are some ideas:

(All images from Google)

Hen Do Hamper: ‘Bride to be’ sash, veil, sweets, prosecco, dare cards, paracetamol, plasters, water.

Bride’s Night Before the Wedding Kit: bottle of champagne, ‘Bride’/personalised champagne flute, punnet of strawberries, wedding themed DVD (Confetti is a personal fave), face mask/hair mask, moisturising gloves, hand cream, sleep easy/calming room spray.

Kid’s Bath Time Hamper: Bubble bath, shampoo, fun sponge, toy, hooded towel.

Kid’s Sleep Over Kit: pyjamas, microwave popcorn, glittery nail varnish, DVD, face masks.

Mojito Cocktail Kit: Recipe card, muddler, glass tumbler, bottle of white rum, mint plant, couple of limes, bottle of soda water.

New Guitarist’s Survival Kit: Plectrums, plectrum box, plasters, guitar strings, tuner, tab book.

Homemade hampers are great for Christmas too. I’m making gin themed hampers for some of my friends this year using my infusing alcohol recipe along with some nice gin glasses, candles and sweet treats to create the perfect moment (and a valid excuse) to chill out and enjoy a tipple. If you decide to make some Christmas hampers along with me, gather your items and stay tuned. Next week I’ll show you how to wrap and present your hamper!

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