Green Wrapping – Tissue Paper

Next, on my green wrapping journey, I experimented with tissue paper. A lot of tissue paper is recyclable or even compostable, and if you shop at independent retailers, quite often, your item are wrapped in tissue paper. So I wanted to try to reuse some.

Of course, we all know tissue paper looks really cute scrunched up in the bottom of a giftbag, or placed on top of the gifts so the recipient can’t peek inside. And if you’ve read my posts on hamper making, you’ll know it looks great wrapped around items to hide the padding in a hamper. But I wanted to try using tissue paper as the main form of wrapping, and I think the results look great.

Technique One:

Usually, when I’m wrapping up small items, like sweets, hair accessories, makeup, bath bombs, or small candles, I gather cellophane around them and tie it together at the top with my beloved shiny curling ribbon. It makes a ‘little something’ look really special.

But as I’m trying to go a bit greener, this year, I’m using tissue paper, natural string (which is biodegradable) and a recycled gift tag.


Lay your tissue paper out flat, place your items in the middle, then gather the paper up around it and tie it tightly at the top with the string.

Knot the string, then thread a gift tag through one end, and then make a bow.

Technique Two

Bottle bags are great. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought one, I just reuse ones that have been given to me. But sometimes, if you’re giving someone a really nice bottle of wine, shoving it in a second hand bottle bag, just doesn’t seem right.

So instead, I’ve used tissue paper, string, a recycled gift tag, and just to make it look a bit more special, I’ve added a mini bauble to hang next to the tag. I think it looks really cute and inviting, and is probably going to be how I wrap all bottles from now on.


Lay your tissue paper out flat, and place your bottle, laying down, at one end.

Roll the bottle across the tissue, wrapping the tissue paper around it as you go, and secure the last edge with a small piece of cellotape.

Gather the loose edges at the base of the bottle together and put a small piece of cellotape over it to hold it all together neatly.

Next, thread a small piece of string through the bauble and the gift tag and knot the ends together.

Thread a longer piece of string through the knotted string and wrap the longer string around the neck of the bottle a couple of times, before knotting it securely. (make sure the cellotaped edge of the tissue paper is at the back.)

Then tie a bow in the ends of your string, and alter the height of your tag and bauble, if you want, by undoing that knot, pulling it up or down, and retying it. Don’t take it off the bow though, or you’ll have to take that apart to get the tag and bauble back on.

If you have any other ways to use tissue paper when gift wrapping, I’d love to hear them!

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