For my last Halloween themed post, it’s a party game – Challenges.

It’s a simple idea – you are basically giving your party guests secret dares to complete during the night, the person who has successfully completed the most by a designated time wins.

When I first came up with this game, my husband and I were throwing a Halloween party, and he was convinced it would be a flop. He didn’t think anyone would be interested in ‘organised fun’ at a party for adults, and was worried people would feel forced to play. So I just left the challenges and instructions in a pumpkin shaped bowl on the drinks table and didn’t say a word about it to any of my guests. If they decided to play, great; if no one played, that was fine too.

To my surprise though, after only a couple of hours I had a zombie chasing a monkey around the living room shouting “Challenge!” and a witch hop-scotching across my kitchen tiles. Our guests where really competitive, and as the drinks flowed, their attempts to complete the challenges grew funnier and funnier.

None of my challenges are rude or offensive, so they’re family friendly and I’ve tried to put a Halloween twist on as many as possible. Feel free to download my Power Point file at the bottom of this post and print them out, or create your own.

After you’ve printed them out and cut them into individual challenges, fold each in half and poke a safety pin through both sides. This keeps the challenges closed in the bowl so no one can peak before they’ve chosen one. It also means that your guests can pin the challenges to their clothes so they don’t loose them, and you can easily count how many challenges each player has completed.

Make sure you display the rules next to the bowl of challenges so everyone can see them, and put the bowl somewhere easily accessible. I usually place it on or near the drinks table so people can grab a challenge as they top up their drinks without it being obvious. Otherwise, as soon as your guests see someone take out a challenge, they’ll watch them like a hawk, trying to figure out what their challenge is.

The rule about the challenges being a secret makes them harder to complete, and funnier when the completed challenge is revealed

“That was a challenge? I thought you were just being weird!”

Even guests who don’t want to complete any challenges themselves can join in by shouting “Challenge” when they suspect someone is trying to complete one. This rule also means that people can’t work together to make sure one person wins – everyone is out for themselves, and it’s the luck of the draw as to how difficult your challenge is going to be to complete.

Feel free to download, edit and print my challenges and rules (file below) to use at your party, or create your own. Have fun!

The Challenges Power Point file:

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