Hanging Stars

I created these hanging stars for a New Years Eve party a few years ago but I didn't get round to blogging about them. That's why in the pictures, the dates are 2018 and 2019. I haven't completely lost my mind, don't worry. I know we wont be having parties this year, but I feel … Continue reading Hanging Stars

Pass The Parcel Lucky Dip

Christmas and New Year are going to be a bit different this year. Nights out, house parties and lipsticks will be replaced by small family gatherings, slippers and facemasks. But I'm determined to put my resourcefulness to the test to make this Christmas and New Year one to remember, and not just for the global … Continue reading Pass The Parcel Lucky Dip

Homemade Biodegradable Confetti

Being a florist, I'm well aware of how many weddings and events have had to be cancelled or postponed this year due to covid-19. I know how upset brides and grooms are, not knowing when their big day, which they've been meticulously planning for years, will actually be able to go ahead. Well I'm here … Continue reading Homemade Biodegradable Confetti